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Security Systems

ComTech is a leader in coordination, installation and ongoing service of commercial and residential security systems. The purposes of a security system include protection against intruders, management of employees, surveillance against theft, protection of equipment and documents, limitation of access by unauthorized personnel, and remote viewing for any number of reasons.

ComTech clients include government installations, jails, hospitals and nursing centers, as well as commercial businesses and national accounts. Each customer has different needs. ComTech is up to the task for all of them.

Internal security comes in the form of surveillance cameras, gate systems, access controlled doors and elevators, fire protection, and inter-communication systems. External security includes outdoor surveillance, parking lot gates and strategic lighting.

ComTech is experienced in reviewing an entire business operation and providing a complete solution for optimum protection.

  • Protect Against Intruders
  • Manage Employees
  • Protect Against Theft
  • Protect Sensitive Equipment or Documents
  • Limit Unauthorized Personnel
  • Remote Viewing
  • Strategic Lighting Deters Criminals
  • Communicate To The General Public
  • Communicate With Employees and Patients