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Access Control

Regulate door and elevator access to keep unauthorized personnel from intruding into sensitive environments. Provide additional protection for personnel, patients, records or dangerous media. Increase security levels without increasing security personnel. Secure access to such sensitive places as emergency areas, operating rooms, pharmacy and morgue.

ComTech’s professionals design with superior protection in mind, using the latest in technology. Door keys are easy to copy. Instead, protect sensitive environments with state of the art Access Control Systems using coded keypads, RF key fobs, magnetic strip reader cards, microchip-embedded smart cards, or biometric scanning.

A key card can be encrypted with user credentials or additional protective elements to protect against counterfeiting. Contactless access devices and readers operate on radio frequency (RF) transmission and have an almost infinite lifespan.

Advances in biometrics allow for accurate reading of an individual’s fingerprints, face, or eye patterns. Scanners collect information on 10 to 70 points, encrypt this information and then store it in a secure location. Use fingerprint scanners to provide additional protection for sensitive computers.

  • Microchipped Smart Cards
  • RF Key Fobs
  • Fingerprint Scanners
  • Retina Scanners