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Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are required by law of all businesses, large or small. ComTech is proud to offer the advantage of combined integrated fire and security systems to save time and money and provide comprehensive protection.

Fire protection is comprised of detection and alerting, plus suppression. Smoke alarms, heat detectors and sprinkler detectors alert the call center if activated. ComTech’s monitoring center is on call 24/7, with technological redundancy to ensure that all calls will be received and immediate response taken. Choose from silent detection systems or systems with multiple alarms.

Fire suppression includes mandated manual fire extinguishers, sprinkler system and quick response by ComTech’s monitoring center to contact the fire department.

  • Wall-Mounted Pull Alarms
  • Manual Fire Extinguisher
  • Automated Heat Detectors
  • Automated Smoke Detectors
  • Automated Sprinkler Detectors
  • Sprinkler System